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SafetyFile™ is an industry leading global contractor workforce credentialing and compliance management web-tool, focused on delivering verified workforce eligibility to facility owners and their participating contractor suppliers. The SafetyFile™ portal is a web-based SaaS tool that provides contractor suppliers a simple and convenient way to manage the often-complex workforce credentialing requirements of facility owners. SafetyFile™ offers a “One-Stop” shopping experience for contractor suppliers to; view, order and manage host owner site access requirements.

Contractor suppliers can easily login to the SafetyFile™ portal to view, order, schedule and efficiently manage their workforce compliance obligations, which may include;

  • Personnel Identity Authentication
  • Training (General Safety Orientation, Site Specific, Leadership, etc.)
  • Security Background Screening
  • Substance Abuse Testing
  • Fit Testing, Medical Exam Management and/or
  • Other measures designed to create a safe and secure workplace

The SafetyFile™ portal has been designed and developed on a secure, scalable technology platform allowing for fast, easy and secure user access, with the ability to simultaneously support hundreds of host owners and thousands of their supporting contractor companies.

As an example of how broadly the SafetyFile™ product is supporting the chemical and petrochemical industry, to follow are a few user demographic highlights:

  • Owner/Operator Sites Enrolled: 220+
  • Contractor Companies Enrolled: 18,000+
  • Contract Worker Participants: 800,000+

Products & Services

Order Management

  • Training courses – regulatory, site specific or both
  • Identity Authentication – SSN/Name Verification
  • Drug Screening
  • Background Investigations
  • Physical Exams
  • Driver Qualification File information
  • I-9 Verification and/or Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC)
  • Other customized credentialing information

Credential Tracking

  • Completed tasks
  • Document Management (pre and post-employment)
  • Alerts, Event Expiration and Pending requirement notifications


  • Training
  • Drug test collections
  • Physical Exams

Results Management

  • Completed training courses (content provided by client or from course catalog)
  • MRO adjudicated drug test results
  • Background investigation results
  • Scanned physical exam results
  • Owner Site eligibility status – results graded to owner requirements
  • Transportable and/or Reciprocal eligibility status

Badging and Access Control

  • Integration with industry leading access controls systems
  • Identification processing – verification and authentication
  • On-site or remote location photo capture

Language Translation

  • 24 foreign languages available
  • Example: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc.

About Us

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Resultares, Inc. was started in 2012 by a team of experienced technology and employment screening professionals, with a single goal of building an industry leading, global contractor workforce credentialing software solution. With the input from numerous clients and industry leaders, the Resultares team has successfully built and delivered the SafetyFile software solution, an ecosystem designed specifically for contractor workforce credentialing.

SafetyFile is a web-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution delivered primarily to clients as a private-labelled OEM solution. The SafetyFile software allows OEM clients to cost effectively, offer a comprehensive, contractor workforce screening and credentialing solution to their clients. Users can access SafetyFile from virtually anywhere in the world with internet access. SafetyFile is available in over 21 foreign languages with training content available in over 170 various foreign languages.

SafetyFile provides clients with a streamlined and customized process to credential their contractor workforce in a way that reduces costs, enhances process efficiency and provides appropriate compliance visibility to facility owners and managers. Today, there are over 220 facility owners, 18,000 end-users (contractor/vendors) and over 830,000 participant workers using the SafetyFile software to manage their workforce credentialing. Industries served include; Energy, Oil & Gas, Construction, Manufacturing, Staffing, Mining, Transportation, Healthcare and Insurance.

Our clients view us as key business partners helping them deliver a safer workplace for their employees, contractors and the communities in which they operate. Let us help your organization deliver a safer workplace by giving us a call at 859-699-0840.

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